Full Circle Advisors (FCA) cannot stop the aging process nor the development of a mental illness, but it has developed a process and plan to ease this never ending and growing problem.

The average American will lose $659,139 in a lifetime due    to caring for a loved one.

Roughly 54 million people have some form of mental illness each year.

In 2006, 37 million Americans were 65 years or older, with an estimated 71 million Americans 65 years or older by 2030.

From 2002 to 2012, mental health expenditures rose from $58 billion to $83 billion.

An estimated 1 in 4 household is involved in the care of a loved one older than 50, with a third to one half of the all caregivers employed outside of the home.

In 2010, Texas spent roughly $38 per capita for mental health services (Ranked 50 out of 51, which includes DC, (coincidently #1 at $1390 per capita)).

American businesses lose roughly $34 billion a year, about $2100 per employee, due to employees providing care to a loved one.









To proactively develop partnerships with clients to provide counseling, guidance and accountability, open and maintain lines of communication, and facilitate organization related to life decisions for loved ones. ​


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Full Circle Advisors has changed its name to Full Circle Counseling and Consulting. The new website, with updated information including location, can be found at www.robnovick.com

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