• Schizophrenia

• Schizoaffective Disorder

• Bipolar Disorder

• Major Depressive Disorder

• Other Mood and Thought Disorders

• Knowledge of commonly prescribed medication

• Ability to make sense of medical terminology

• Awareness of additional resources in the community

• Guidance on what questions to ask treating providers

• Understanding of diagnoses, symptoms, coping strategies  

and self-care techniques

• Strategies to help support the person with mental illness

• Peace of Mind

• Being prepared

• Easily accessible information

• Partners to guide and facilitate the process

• Opened lines of communication for all involved

• Reduction in stress

Full Circle Advisors is a fee-for-service company in the life transition planning industry. FCA provides a first of a kind product serving clients who have loved ones 65 or older, or the clients themselves are at least 65 years of age. Furthermore, FCA is a resource to individuals with a mental illness and their families. FCA counsels individuals and families looking to gain additional support and education. While similar services for these populations already exist, there is no entity that fully commits to the family to ensure they are well-equipped to support their loved one. 

• A customized plan to address legal, financial, and medical issues

• Agreed upon list of responsibilities for all potential caregivers

• Contact information of loved ones’ friends, neighbors and other key individuals who can be eyes and ears

• Referrals to professionals (i.e., estate planning attorneys, financial advisors, insurance agents), who can assist families in areas needing attention

• Understanding of loved ones’ wishes as they age

you and your loved ones are not alone in this

Our Services

Full Circle Advisors commits to the development and completion of a transition plan for you and your loved ones. With our coaching, families will have:

Mental Health Services

The benefits for You and

your family

When meeting with the clinicians of FCA, you will gain:

Care Planning for the Future

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Full Circle Advisors has changed its name to Full Circle Counseling and Consulting. The new website, with updated information including location, can be found at www.robnovick.com

Full Circle Advisors are licensed clinicians with years of experience working with people living with the following conditions: